Menstrual cramps are a problem that almost every women has experienced at some point in her life. Apart from the pain, there are the  well known tag along symptoms of fatigue, anxiety, irritability, moodiness ,and yes... the list goes on and on. Often time women turn to pain killers and NSAIDs because instincts guide them to treat the cause of their malaise - the menstrual pain. Unfortunately, NSAIDs and prescription painkillers come with a number of side effects, which may not be felt or noticed for a prolong period of time, and those include an increased risk for a heart attack, internal bleeding, leaky gut syndrome, constipation, nausea, etc. If there is an alternative , and safe FDA approved treatment for pain caused by menstruation, wouldn't you  try it?

How does it work?

Livia transmits a unique pulse that occupies the nerve signal, and you don't feel the pain. Works on women of any age who suffer from menstrual cramping. It is safe, and does not effect your fertility, It does not restrict your movement, and yes you can exercise with it. It feels like a "gentle vibration" Now that is a game changer! 

Try Alivia for 120days risk free!  DoctorAprooved

A new FDA approved device that treats menstrual cramping and pain without medications!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Is Livia FDA approved?

A:   Yes

Q:  Can Livia be used by women of all ages?

A:   Yes, Livia fights the pain associated with menstruation regardless of the  age of the patient.

Q:  What does wearing Livia feel like?

A:  Most women describe the sensation of a "gentle vibration"

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