Choosing the right supplements is a difficult task, and unfortunately, many are left to choose alone, instead of receiving guidance from their Primary Care Physician. The FDA does not regulate the quality of the nutritional supplements sold in the United States, and there is no clear knowledge of how accurate your supplement label really is...aka what, and how much of each ingredient is inside the box.

Do you ever wander Why are you vitamin deficient even after taking a multivitamin?!?The answer to that question is more complicated than you think, and has to do with a combination of factors within your body such as: digestive system health, gut permeability, what bacteria/viruses/fungus that work with and against you. 

Rules to a successful Health plan:

*Before starting a new regimen check your blood-work

*Choose a supplement brand that has been tested by Nutritionist , and offers medical grade nutrients that are easily absorbed/bioavailable

*Increase your water intake, and stop any consumption of alcohol, sodas & energy drinks

*Commit to an exercise regimen for at least 30m on 4 days of the week

* Recheck your blood-work after 4-6 weeks to see if you are on the right track.

Flo Vitamins - the first ever PMS gummy.


This is a US based company which has successfully branched to several continents. Access to their products can only be obtained via Physician invitation. The formulas are comprehensive, and extensively tested to meet the high standard of Physician nutritionist and  alternative medicine experts.


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Full Potency Hemp Oil  - MINERAL

Hemp Oil is becoming a miracle drug-free option for thousands of people suffering from conditions such as chronic pain, insomnia, and anxiety.

Switching to a natural, plant -based product is easier than ever before, and individuals are taking advantage of their rediscovered freedom to  use alternative  modes of healing , and giving the boot to the Controlled-Substance market. A few simple drops under you tongue of this incredible cannabinoid, and you will feel relaxed like never before. The  Hemp-oil infused cream is an excellent option for achy joints and muscle pain. Give them a try , you will be happy you did.