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Native Coconut & Vanilla

Lavender & Rose

Cucumber & Mint

Lime & Coconut

Strawberry & Rhubarb

Choosing natural ingredients is a key factor when choosing products you will use on a daily bases. Remember, repetitive application of products that contain chemicals and heavy metals adds up on the long run. Your liver deserves a break when it comes to skincare. Give your body a fighting chance!


Probiotic Skincare

This skincare line features products that nourish and revitalize your skin by using probiotics. We all have taken probiotics at some point in our lives to aid digestion, but the concept of using probiotics in skincare has never been explored in the past. 

The skin is the largest organ of our body , and the one responsible for creating a live barrier between our delicate internal organs and the polluted environment we have to live in. The surface of our skin is stepping ground for hundreds of organisms, many of which protect us from harm, just like certain stomach bacteria help us digest nutrients better. It is a a complex relationship that can be easily disrupted if we use harsh soaps, over-wash our skin, and expose it to toxins from food, medications, and alcohol.

By using a probiotic skincare products we are able to replenish the health promoting organism that guard our skin from unwanted invaders. 

Tula probiotics offers carefully combined routines that can be the solution for resolving difficult conditions such as cystic acne,  redness, oily or dry skin, and other specific conditions.